The dedicated people who made the 2016 event so successful

Honorary Co-Chairs
Dr. Tim Ryan, The Culinary Institute of America
Chef Terrance Brennan, Brennan Group Hospitality

Honorary Vice Chairs
Mark Bittman
Kathleen Frith, Glynwood
Robert Levine, Esq.
Josh Morgenthau, Fishkill Farms
Anne Todd Osborn, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
Rick Osofsky, Ronnybrook Farm
Alex Reese, Obercreek Farm
Nick Citera, Cosimo’s Restaurant Group

Benefit Committee
Hal Cohen
Mitzi Elkes
Sue Gamache
Tobi Klarnet
Lynn Lipton
Brynja Magnusson
Denise Rempe
Sandy Saunders
Roy Volpe

Featured Chefs

Terrance Brennan
Brennan Group Hospitality

Chef Peter X. Kelly
Xaviars Restaurant Group

Chef Gianni Scappin
Market Street, Rhinebeck & Cucina, Woodstock

Chef John Lekic
Le Express Bistro, Poughkeepsie

Chef Melissa Walnock
The Culinary Institute of America

Kevin Doyle, Sotheby’s

Clearwater Staff
Dave Conover
Roger D’Aquino
Mimi Hanson
Kelley Howard
Erin Macchiaroli
Ann Mellor
Diane von Roesgen Oktay