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Last year’s event was a stunning success, and this year’s (Sunday, 9/17/2017) will be just as dazzling.

(Watch the video below or scroll down to see highlights from CFC 2016)


September 25, 2016
at The Culinary Institute of America…

What A Fantastic Evening!

Two Incredible Hosts

Left: Dr. Tim Ryan President, The Culinary Institute of America. Right: Chef Terrance Brennan, Brennan Group Hospitality

Five Celebrated Chefs

From left to right: John Lekic, Gianni Scappin, Terrance Brennan, Peter Kelly, Melissa Walnock

And a bounty of delicious, Hudson Valley produced vegetables, fruit, meats, and wine
combined to make one unforgettable meal – –

– – set against a spectacular backdrop and accompanied by delightful music!

Thank you to our wonderful local producers and our charming guests whose generosity made it possible for Clearwater to extend its one-of-a-kind environmental education program to over two thousand additional school children.