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Benefit Co-Hosts

Chef Terrance Brennan
CEO, Brennan Group Consulting
and Brennan Group Hospitality

Chef Waldy Malouf
Senior Director, Food and Beverage Operations
The CIA Restaurant Group

Honorary Vice Chairs

Josh Morganthau
Fishkill Farms

Kevin Zraly
Windows on the World Wine School

Benefit Committee

Terrance Brennan

Hal Cohen

Mitzi Elkes

Sue Gamache

Bruce Ginsberg

Katie Guerra

Bill Kurth

Anne Todd Osborn

Denise Rempe

Sandy Saunders

Glenn Vogt

Roy Volpe

Clearwater Staff

Michelle Acosta

Debbie Cohen

Anahi Garcia

Erin Macchiaroli

Ann Mellor

Maija Niemisto

Diane von Roesgen Oktay

Eli Schloss

Stephanie Wolf

Culinary Institute Staff

Dr. Tim Ryan

Becky Imperati

Waldy Malouf