A word about our tickets and sponsorships


We understand that many people, including many of Clearwater’s most loyal and committed supporters, will consider Chefs for Clearwater tickets and sponsorships to be out of their price range. Clearwater wants our events to be open and welcoming to all—because we need everyone’s involvement to make this valley a better place. Throughout the year, we offer lower-cost and free events, like Open Boat meals and singalongs at our home port in Kingston. Chefs for Clearwater is a once-a-year event that raises the money needed to continue those and other public events, as well as our mission-critical environmental action and hands-on learning programs. The good news is, because our chefs, headliners and support staff are all volunteers, and because much of the food and wine our guests enjoy is donated by our generous partners, Chefs has brought in nearly $250,000 in its first three years, money that every friend of Clearwater knows is much needed—and much appreciated. An additional plus has been the many new gratifying new friendships with people who have been introduced to Clearwater through Chefs. We hope to see you at Chefs or at another of our many events that connect people like you with the river we love,


“Participation—that’s what’s gonna save the human race.”
Pete Seeger